Homemaker - Meter Fuse Switches and sockets Services

ServiceService ChargeAction
Changing the Fuse - per Fuse 100.00 Send Request
Moving Light Socket/Holder from one place to another 150.00 Send Request
Power Switch Installation/Replacement(6 Amp) per unit (chotu call) 100.00 Send Request
Power Switch Installation/Replacement(15 Amp) per unit 150.00 Send Request
Power/Telephone Sockets Installation per unit 150.00 Send Request
MCB or Fuse repair 200.00 Send Request
Changeover switch 3 phase 150.00 Send Request
Changeover switch single phase 300.00 Send Request
Fitting/removing/installing MCB per unit 150.00 Send Request
Switch, Socket, Bulb Holder installation or removal 51.00 Send Request

Hatke Gold

Hatke Silver

Hatke Platinum