·         What is Hatkecart?
Each letter of the word HATKE has got a meaning. H stands for Homemaker Services, A for Automobile spares, T for tours and travels, K for Know Your Grocer, E for power Electronics. That’s why we came up with the name Hatkecart.com
·         What is H category discount?
H-Category discount is extra discount given to customers for A,T and E categories because they have registered for a plan in H-category from platinum, golden or silver and thus availing our homemaker facilities. These discounts are over the normal discounts.
·         What is the Return Policy?
 Hatkecart.com does not accept returns unless manufacturer defect. We allow you to open the parcel and thoroughly inspect it before signing the delivery note. In case of defect, the part will be replaced with other part or other options. Cash amount will not be refunded.
·         Discounted Value is not matching Discount Coupon.
There are different parameters of calculating discount value. Discount is given up to the maximum cap available on each product and each category.  Discount coupon value cannot exceed available maximum cap allowed for each product and each category, that’s why in some cases discount coupon value and discounted value do not match. However the intention is to give maximum discount to a customer.

.           How to pay amount while buying online from Hatkecart.com ?
If you are buying any product or services from Hatkecart.com and you want to make payment, there are two options Cash on delivery or we will send you one link on your registered email id, by clicking on the link you will get an option to pay via your Debit card or Credit card.


·        How many calls can we avail per service (plumber/carpenter/electrician) in a duration?
You can make your own combinations of the calls you want to avail per service, just that it should not exceed the maximum limit of your plan. Any call over the given limit would be charged as per the stated policy.
·         Can we customize our plans?
Yes. You can customize your plan according to your need. But there is an upper limit and a lower limit. You cannot exceed upper limit or go below the lower limit. This feature is under beta testing and soon would be available.
e.g.- For annual plan upper limit is 19 and lower is 6. So you have to take a minimum of 6 calls per year and maximum of 19 calls per year. After 19 calls, if you wish to avail more calls, they would be charged to you separately and at much discounted rates. Also if you customize a plan and it costs you xxx Rs per call till your call plan ends and also the rate would continue to remain so till you complete upper limit i.e. 19 calls. After 19 calls you can avail special discounted rates.
·         What all services do you provide?
In subscription, we provide only plumber/carpenter/electrician services. But there is a plan in future to add lot many other services which you can book from our website which do not fall in subscription and are unsubscribed services. We provide services like Water purifier installation and maintenance, A/C repair and servicing, Pest Control, Buff cleaning and lots many more. Please refer the homemaker section to know more.
·         Are your technicians trustworthy?
Our subscribed service technicians are very trustworthy. Their police verification formalities are done and they are well trained and familiar with company norms and standards. For unsubscribed services, the third party vendors are made familiar with all norms and regulations and a agreement stating their compliance with the policies has been made forehand.
·         Do you also supply spare parts for plumbing?
We do not supply any kind of spare parts except small and fast quick work items like tap washers, screws, bolts and nuts. They are priced at actual and are not added in subscription. You have to arrange for any spare part if needed. Our technician can accompany you if you want to but that time will be considered in the call hour.  In case you insist on our client bringing in part, we can arrange for the same but Hatkecart does not take any warranty or guarantee of the part in this case and the charges will be inclusive of part prices at actual plus technician charges. In case there is a shortage of part or we are unable to procure the part due to any circumstances, you will be responsible for arranging the part and the technician won’t be held responsible.
·         What is the time considered for 1 call?
One call consists of 1.5 hour. It includes repair, checking, getting the part, fitting and all.
·         What is the period of work warranty?
Work warranty is the warranty of work done by the technician for repairs. It does not include part warranty. Work warranty duration is for 15 working days and will be given only in case the work done is not proper or is showing similar problems at place of repair, provided that it is the mistake made by our technician in fitting or repair work. Anything which gets damaged, due to the mistake of customer or people related to him/her, will be charged as another call.
·         Will we get a repeat call ?
Yes if the work done by our technician has some service related issues , not because of damaged parts, then in such case customer can avail a repeat call within 15 days, Repeat call will be free of cost. But if found the request made by customer is not valid, then customer will be charged as another call.

·        Can we avail the services of our calls anytime?
You can avail the services of our technicians anytime in the stated working hours and only on working days.
·        What are the working hours are they available in the evening?
 We provide services from 10 am to 7 pm.

              How many cars are available with you?
There are almost more than 80 cars available with us including light motor vehicles, SUVs, Mini buses and regular size buses.
              How much time beforehand do we need to book a cab/bus?
The company should be intimated at least 1 day before the actual date of use i.e. if you want to hire a cab on 6thMay at 11 am, you should book it before 5thMay- 11 am. Ideally it will be convenient for both the parties if booking is done 2 days prior.

               What do you mean by first 25kms free ?
First 25 kms will be free for outstation trip if a customer travels less than 275km but upto 250km in a day.
If someone travels more than 250 km but less than 275 km in a day, then the customer will have to pay for those extra km and rest company will pay.
For example, if a customer travels 260kms in a day. customer will have to pay charges of 260 kms only. i,e. 275-260= 15km. Company will pay for remaining 15kms.  
             Do we have to register ourselves with the authority?
That would be taken care by us, you just have to let us know the number of people travelling and their names.
From where can we hire a cab?
Cab can be hired from Pune or PCMC area only. But if someone  has a pickup location out of Pune or PCMC area and drop location is in Pune or PCMC, in such case customer will be charged with fare of two way trip.
             For what all places can we hire a cab
You can hire cab for any outstation travel within Maharashtra, inbound travel in Pune itself or for pick-up/drop at airport.
              Can we share our cab with a third party?
Yes you can. If the person sharing is from your own network, you can decide how the bill will be paid and have to pay a lump-sum amount. If you wish us to find a co-traveler, the rent will be split according to the company policies and you will be conveyed about it when our executive will call you to confirm your booking.
Can we take a detour, if we want to?
A detour is strictly prohibited because there are other customers who have their bookings and we provide time-bound services. In case of medical or certain emergency (genuine nature of which will be decided by the company), a detour is permitted.
Are there any additional charges for AC cars?
Yes, AC cars are charged extra and the rate varies from car to car. Contact our executive for more information.
If we want to cancel the cab, how much time earlier do we need to inform the company?
For local transport you have to cancel minimum 3 hours earlier. For outstation, you need to cancel a minimum of 6 hours earlier and for Airport Pickup/Drop; you need to cancel 6 hours prior to pickup. You can also cancel after the said hours but with cancellation charges applicable to you as per company norms. Our executive will let you know about the policies on a confirmation call at time of hiring the cab..
Power Electronics
         Are the stated prices best prices?
Yes. All prices showed are best prices.
·        Why there is difference between the prices of various inverters and batteries or other goods?
There are differences between warranties, services, after sales support and quality, Availability in market, fluctuation in prices of the raw material used and many other such factors that play a very important part in the determination of pricing structure. Most of these can be seen in the description of the product once you click on it.
·        How is Power Calculator useful?
You will be able to calculate the load that you need to run things you want to run using our power calculator. The power calculator has been designed using a very unique algorithm so as to provide you with optimum utilization of necessary power load for all electronic equipment that you need to run. The power calculator calculates your power requirement using how much load you are intending to use for the duration and suggest you combination(s) of inverter and batteries to help you run that specified load smoothly without any problems or load-failure.
·        How do you decide what batteries and inverters are best for use?
The combos that we have suggested are based on a unique algorithm. This algorithm is designed to give you optimum utilization of the batteries and loads without causing any power surges or low-power situations which help you in smoothly running electronics that you intend to run. The combos are thus suggested that you are not, in anyways, provided with false information to boost sales or increase selling company’s profit.
·        What is the duration of change of acid water in the inverter batteries?
The suggested duration is of 2 months on standard duration but it is recommended that you check the level of water every month and if it is below the recommended level (stated on battery), refilling/changing the water is suggested.
·        Can we refill normal water in the batteries?
No. The water you need to refill in the batteries is water which has specified amount of acidic contents in it. You need to use only acid water to avoid malfunctioning or damage to the batteries (cathodes, anodes).
·        What is the recommended period of the servicing for the inverter and battery combos? 
General recommended period for servicing is 1.5 to 2 months. Per month check-up is most highly recommended for optimum working.
·       Can we upgrade the current inverter and batteries to solar powered functioning?
It is highly recommended that you switch to entire new set which is highly compatible and especially designed for solar power to enjoy maximum quality and optimized life of battery and inverter. But even your current system can be upgraded to solar power but with lesser life duration and quality.
         Does www.hatkecart.com provide guarantee or warranty?

www.Hatkecart.comonly acts as a benefit based market space and does not assure guarantees and warranties from their own side. The guarantees and the warranties are subject matter of solicitation of the companies who manufacture the products and thus the warranties (or extended warranties if any) provided by the manufacturers are counted as final and ultimate.
·        What are delivery charges for Pune?
Delivery charges of Inverter & Battery are applicable as mentioned on the website. Till single battery system it is Rs 150 for Inverter & Rs 300 for Battery.

         How about delivery in supported areas outside pune ?
We would send UPS & Batteries on a central location or your nearby travels office,  through travels or transporter, customer will have to collect on its own and manage transportation till desired place. 

.       Are the Shipping Charges fixed ?
Shipping charges mentioned on website are tentative. Charges at actual may be lower or higher depending on case to case basis.

         What if I ask for installation on other than delivery day ?
If our installation executive comes to place of installation , and customer asks any changes in day of installation, then customer will have to pay Rs 300 to executive on his next visit.