Affiliate Program

Hatkecart Affiliation Program
Hatkecart Affiliation Program- Is a program where Hatkecart authorizes the certified Affiliate to market and sell the products of Hatkecart Officially.
Under this the authorized affiliate will undertake the sales and promotion activity for all products of Hatkecart on commission basis and would follow all the norms and regulations ofHatkecart as stated and is bound to abide them all the time when representing ABM Group.
By becoming an affiliate you can earn money from home, college, office etc. without investing any money.  Like other affiliate marketing concepts, here you don’t have to own a personal website , particular educational degree, own company, outlet or a shop . 
If you just crack deals and  bring revenue for, you will get a very good share of 6-20 % as per eligible products/categories.  
All the affiliates will be given an unique affiliate code, all you have to do is share your code with customers and tell them to apply it before buying from the website, that’s it and you are done.
Each affiliate is provided with liberty to manage his/her customers via Affiliate Portal, transactions would be simple and transparent.  
All in all its an excellent opportunity to earn extra money  while doing your current work.
For becoming an affiliate, all you have to do is, register yourself by providing your essential details, like name, address,  contact details etc.
Note : Affiliate registration is at zero cost, we don’t have any agents , if someone demands you money for registration, then you can register your complain in our office.