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This is to bring you the widest collection of spare parts and accessories for your car. We offer Head-lights, Tail-lights, Side Indicators, Rear view mirrors, Side mirrors, Crank shafts, Wipers, Clutch Plates, Pressure Plates, Bearings, Flywheel, Timing belts, Ball joints, Valves, Suspensions, Struts, Bush kits, Electric alternators, Starter motors, Electric relays, Pistons, Oil Filter, Petrol Filter, Air Filter, Diesel Filter, Ignition Coil, Glow plugs, Wiper arms, Ball joint, Clutch cable, Brake cable, Oil Pump, Engine parts, Drive train, Dickey shockers, Cylinder head, Spark plugs, Transmission set, Cam shaft, Carburetor, Sensors, Accelerator cable etc.
HATKECART Aims to solve the problem of spare parts availability in India. Totally committed to 100% customer satisfaction and is growing fast to reach out to maximum numbers of customers. have tied-up with the leading manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of automotive spare parts to offer the largest variety of products at the best possible price.

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